Spray foam insulation will help keep you warmer this winter saving you money on your energy bill

Roofing Foam


                                Roofing foam is a 3lb or above polyurethane closed cell spray foam. Unlike a wall foam insulation, the R-value is typically a little bit lower. The density of the roofing spray foam is much higher meaning it has more structural and compression strength and it can bear more weight. The Foam itself is a waterproof monolithic application that completely adheres to the substrate.  It can be spray to almost any depth required and we can spray foam chamfer strips to shed water in any directions required. we also use it to built-up the sides of parapets. This is done to help keep water from infiltrating the building. Roofing foam is typically used on flat commercial or residential roofs in place of a hot asphalt roofing system, Built-up Roofing, modified bitumen roofing systems, TPO, or EPDM roof systems. Spray foam is UV sensitive so a top coat of silicone or acrylic Coatings are typically put on top of it to protect it from UV degradation. As a certified installer, we can offer a 10 and up to 25-year manufacturer’s parts and labor warranty with our work. This warranty can be extended if a maintenance layer of silicone is reinstalled within the manufacturer’s time requirements. Spray polyurethane foam roofing systems is the best roof you can get as it is a monolithic fully adhering roofing system there are no seams to fail and leak. Spray foam roofing systems can be installed over hot asphalt roofing system, Built-up Roofing, modified bitumen roofing systems and can be installed over steel/ metal roofing, TPO, and EPDM.

Our Process


                       Spray a two-part component 3lb or higher polyurethane foam to a clean dry substrate. That there is built up to the required thickness we spray silicone coating to required mil thickness to give the owner the life expectancy he is trying to achieve out of the roof. Maintenance layers of silicone coating typically 80% of the roof or less can sometimes be 100% tax write off for the business that year. I recommend checking with you’re a CPA for guidance in that area.

Our Clients

“MJW Drywall was by far, the most professional outfit we have ever worked with for home improvements, bar none!  They had the best rate, showed up on time and did the work in one day!  Our 1930’s house with NO remaining insulation went from an oil heating bill of $1600.00-1800.00 annually to about $800.00-900.00!  Our home is cozy instead of breezy and we are so happy we did it!   We strongly recommend Mike and his team to anyone looking to ‘greenify’ their home.” – Christine Roach, Dover, NH

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