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“In December 2009, I had MJW Drywall install open cell foam insulation in my attic and closed cell foam insulation underneath a crawlspace on an addition to my house. The work was completed on time and on schedule. The crew showed up as scheduled and completed the job as planned. My family felt an immediate improvement in the warmth and comfort of our 43 year-old home. I saw an immediate reduction in the usage of natural gas for heating. Even though this past summer was warmer than usual and I ran my A/C more than usual, I actually used less electricity cooling my home than in previous years. Michael was able to provide a detailed bill which allowed me to qualify for the Home Energy Tax Credit. I would recommend MJW Drywall for all of your insulation needs.”
Glenn Foster – Newburyport, Massachusetts


“Basically, our home had zero insulation in the walls so we chose MJW based on a referral from another insulation installer and we could not be happier. A complicating factor for us is the fact that our home’s exterior is 1.5″ think granite so an exterior access to the wall cavities was not available. That being said, MJW kept the interior access holes small and easily patched…

This will be our first winter with the insulation in place. So far, the prognosis is very good, indeed. The two bedrooms that were like ice boxes now are nice and warm and seem to hold the heat far better than before. The rear of our ranch home which is floor to ceiling windows (newly installed last year) now is even warmer now that the wall segments (between the windows) are comfortable to the touch.

Our bedroom, which also has the same large window panels is very warm and cozy as two of the walls were previously uninsulated….the change is dramatic. The bedroom is truthfully too warm for us to use our comforter which is amazing.

Mike Wilson also handled the National Grid rebate which was far larger than we might have thought ……….National Grid originally did a free energy audit in our home the year before MJW did the insulation install and then tried to disallow the applicable rebate rules so that we would NOT have qualified for the rebate.

Thanks to Mike Wilson’s interceding in the process, we finally did get our rebate which totaled $3400-, practically 75% of the original install quote from MJW. All in all, we were very happy with MJW’s work and would gladly recommend them to anyone who wants the project to be handled professionally. We are 125% satisfied with their work.”
Steve & Carla Reiss – Manchester, New Hampshire


” MJW Drywall was by far, the most professional outfit we have ever worked with for home improvements, bar none!  They had the best rate, showed up on time and did the work in one day!  Our 1930’s house with NO remaining insulation went from an oil heating bill of $1600.00-1800.00 annually to about $800.00-900.00!  Our home is cozy instead of breezy and we are so happy we did it!   We strongly recommend Mike and his team to anyone looking to ‘greenify’ their home.”
Christine Roach – DoverNew Hampshire


“I just want to drop you a note and let you know how pleased we are with the work you did on our house.  Just to recap the job, we were converting over to geothermal energy and needed the attic to become part of the thermal envelop of the house.  This was a harder job because our house in a cape with a bonus room with a hip roof.  You suggested that I install plastic channels to keep the sofit to ridge vent open.  You allowed me to install these myself to save a little money.  In order to complete the attic we decided to remove the sheet rock from the ceiling of the bonus room.  Since we were removing that sheet rock I decided to have all exterior wall sheet rock removed also and have that spray foamed.  You and your crew were very conscientious about minimizing the amount of dust.  In fact you did such a good job we didn’t have any dust infiltration into other parts of the house.  Also you use floor coverings to protect our hardwood floors, and they survived without any damage.

So in the end you spray foamed the entire attic, hip roof and exterior wall of the bonus room. Also you replaced all the sheet rock you removed.  You also spray foamed the sill around the basement of the house.  The quality of the work was outstanding.  We are very pleased with the result.  The only space that we can comment about the change is the basement, all the rest of the house was changed so much by the geothermal installation I can’t make a comparison.  The basement is much warmer than it was and it no longer has forced hot water pipe running through it to warm it.  Since this was all part of the geothermal conversion we were able to get a tax rebate of 15% of the cost.  I would recommend you to anyone that want either spray foam or drywall work done.  If you have a customer interested looking at your work, me can make arrangements to show them my house.”
Landis – Kingston, New Hampshire


“The whole process was quick and painless. The crew was punctual, efficient and worked as a team to get the job done correctly and quickly. Ours is an older, historic post-and-beam home and the foam insulation was a prefect solution to curb high energy costs. The foam insulation earned us the maximum energy credits possible — $1500, and we immediately noticed a decrease in drafts and our oil consumption!”
John Schnitzler, Historic Preservation Contractor -, Eliot Maine


“My experience with MJW Drywall was excellent! Mike and his team were truly professional and their work was impeccable. I was unaware of Unitil’s rebate program and Mike provided the information about the programs that both Unitil’s electric division and gas division provided and I was able to get $8000 in discounts. I highly recommend MJW Drywall for all your insulation and drywall needs.” Ken Doyle – Boars Head, Hampton, New Hampshire


“Jewry was referred to us by the Energy Efficiency department at Unitl Services Corp. Mike, as well as his staff, was professional, timely, and very responsive to our needs and of any concerns we had. We were completely renovated our “old beach” house in Seabrook. We contracted Mike do our insulation throughout: Open Cell Foam in roof and walls, Closed Cell Foam in floor (crawl space). Also, included in the contract was the complete installation of drywall (ceilings & walls). With Mikes help and the programs offered by Unitil, we were able to secure approximately $4,000 credit towards the total bill. Mike also provided us with a “package discount” for the combing the two jobs.We have been totally pleased with the work and natural the results of lower energy costs and “air tight” house. We would highly recommend Mike to anyone in need of this service and would use Mike again without hesitation.”
Judy & Steve – Seabrook, New Hampshire


“I can’t tell you how pleased my wife and I are with the outstanding insulation work you completed on our antique house. The work you performed was both professional, on time and on budget. The site was kept clean and tidy and your crew was courteous and friendly.

Having worked as a professional in the historic preservation field for 20 years, I know first hand the difficulties of insulating historic structures. Having personally restored our 1791, National Register house in the center of Hopkinton Village ten years ago, the one piece of project I didn’t’t feel comfortable completing was insulating the building. I didn’t feel an insulating product existed capable of working with the historic fabric of the structure or a product that could be considered reversible if necessary. You solved my dilemma!

Your pre-expanded, injection foam was just the solution I’ve been searching for. The fact we were able to get an R-21 in our stud cavities, sound deaden the interior space and create both a moisture barrier and highly rated fire block was nothing less than amazing!

I can’t wait till spring this year to add up all the savings in heating oil, and if all goes well, the project will have paid for itself in less than two heating seasons. Thanks again Mike to you and your crew for your fine work.”
Ben & Lucy – Hampton, New Hampshire – The New Hampshire Preservation Alliance 


“The summer of 2009 we decided to make some major changes in order to take advantage of the $1,500 energy credit and to make our home more energy efficient.  In addition to a new Buderus furnace, we decided to have foam insulation blown into our attic.  Of the three estimates we received, Mike Wilson of MJW DryWall & foam Insulation LLC was the best priced and he came with excellent references.  During the project, he and his staff were on-time, worked quickly and neatly and were very pleasant.  We were extremely pleased with their work ethic, the quality of their work and the insulation blown in.

The propane used May 2008 to April 2009 was 1105.7 gallons.
The propane used May 2009 to April 2010 was 667.7 gallons – a savings of 438 gallons

We tracked our expenses over the 2009/2010 year and found that we had saved over 40% on propane.  Pretty good if you ask me!!”
The Dudleys – Dover, New Hampshire


“Again, many thanks for a fine job… he house is cleaner than it was before the crew showed up. What more can I say except I was pleasantly surprised… my compliments to you and the guys. They were really good and methodical. Sitting here, I am noticing that the house is more quiet than before… amazing. I hope we get a good, cold winter… and will report in to you as the savings. Best to you!!”
Steve R – Manchester, New Hampshire


“After two spray-foam sessions in our super-drafty 1905 home we have now insulated the complete attic, 50% of the walls and our basement. It is an awesome product to make a house airtight and insulate it in one step. At the same time we basically converted our attic into usable, livable space. Of course, spray foam is part of an integrated approach to make a house more energy-efficient. So after replacing loosely fitting single-pane windows with air-tight Energy Star windows and putting in a condensing boiler, too, our yearly heating costs are well over 50% down.!”
Christoph – Portsmouth, New Hampshire


“Two rooms in my 130-year-old house were cold and drafty. In November 2009, MJW DryWall injected foam into the walls, and now the rooms are warm and comfortable. Mike and his employees were friendly and hardworking. Mike was great at communicating through email and phone calls, and he answered all my questions in detail. My project cost $1155, and I received the Residential Energy Credit 30% rebate of $346.50. I am very happy with my experience with MJW and I highly recommend them.”
B.R. – North Hampton, New Hampshire


“We contracted MJW to add foam insulation to one of the buildings in our condominium, located in Exeter’s Historic District.  The age and structure of the building presented a challenge.  MJW crew members needed to access areas in need of insulation, through tight crawl spaces.  Mike was willing to accept the challenge, and did so with patience and professionalism.  We are extremely grateful for MJW’s persistence and graciousness throughout the process.”
Roseanne – Exeter, New Hampshire


“I had my upper 2nd floor and attic sprayed by MJW Drywall. My object was to create a sealed Un-Vented Attic Space using closed cell foam. I met with Mike to discuss what I wanted done. Mike was very professional; he measured all the dimensions for areas to be sprayed and sent me a quote the next day. The quote was competitive with quotes received from other vendors.

My house was sprayed at and of October 2010, the quality of the work and the foam type used were very good, (My house had a lot of pretty complex roof cuts to seal) virtually all the tight locations where beams crossed/touched were sealed just a few minor very tight (even hard to reach by hand) places missed. The cleanup after spraying was completed was good, all studs and strapping to hold drywall were cleaned back to bare wood. The total foam waste was low; this was good for me. I am currently using an 800Watt electric space heater to heat the newly insulated space at a cost of $23. in electric for the full month of November (to me this is great since it cost almost $150. in gas to heat this area last year. Overall I was satisfied with the work done by MJW Drywall.”
John – Hampton, New Hampshire


“In the fall of 2009 Michael Wilson and MJW DryWall & foam Insulation LLC sprayed closed cell foam into the walls and ceiling of a wing of our house while we were remodeling.  They also sealed our rim joists (the perimeter of our basement) and we can feel the difference. Michael and his team did an excellent job!  The finished product looked great, they did a great job cleaning up, and they were very punctual.  They were recommended to us by my brother who is an energy efficiency and building science expert, and he fully approved of their work.  We are currently warm and enjoying our new rooms.  Plus, we got a tax rebate from the Federal Government for the efficiency upgrade and the process was very easy. I fully recommend MJW DryWall & Foam Insulation to anyone wanting to insulate their home.”
Margaret – Durham, New Hampshire


“We really appreciate the way Mike advised us on the various options available for insulating our attic and roof.  He did not steer us toward the most expensive option, and in fact came up with a creative solution that saved both time and money.  The work was completed on time and we have been thrilled with the results.  We anticipate receiving an energy efficiency tax credit for 2010.”


“MJW dry wall and insulation are the most professional contractors that I work with.  My name is Donnie and I am a contractor and owner of Custom Carpentry of New England.  It is hard to find good professional sheet rockers and insulation work.  I have used this company for over 20 projects, and their work is always top quality.  I have also used them to insulate my own home, and I am very pleased with the results.  The company offers the home owner many options, including Drywall, Spray foam and many other energy saving opportunities.  They can  calculate all your air loss through their analysts.  The BEST PART  about these guys is they get the job done to my 100% satisfaction every time.  For me time is money.  These guys are always on budget.  I plan on continuing to use this company in the future. They are a family based business with superb results.”


“We had the top floor of our 1930s cape insulated, following an energy audit that said our heat loss was traveling all the way up the walls and out the roof.  Since the upstairs uses electric heat, we qualified for money from our utility provider to get the work done.  The crew came in and finished the job in less than one day.  They were very professional and very clean.  We cannot believe the difference the insulation has made.  Not only are we using less electric heat upstairs but our oil consumption (for heating the rest of the house) has literally been cut in half-despite the frigid temperatures this winter.  We are so pleased with the results that we are planning to insulate the bottom floor too.  I would recommend that anyone with an older house do it.”
Jodie Bray Strickland, PE


“MJW Dry Wall spray foamed my attic in 2009 when I was using 600+ gallons of Oil per year.  A year later, my oil consumption has reduced to 249 gallons of oil.  With fuel prices going up, this new insulation will help me to reduce and manage my energy costs for years to come.”
Mike Banks – Salem, NH


“I hired MJW Drywall & Foam Insulation LLC to Installed a 95+ efu miller  High Efficiency / Direct Vent Condensing propane Gas Furnace in DEC of 2010. It replaced my old worn out oil fired furnace  that was about 77% efficient I was using 120 gallon of oil a month to heat my signal wide mobile home. mw did the full install in 1 day the 2 man crew pulled all permits ran the new gas line to the new tanks. They ripped out the old system and disposed of it. They installed the new on running new pipes threw the roof and sealing all  penetration making sure there was no leaks. By 1 PM they started the new system up I could not believe the differences. My house is more evenly heated and comfortable. The hole job cost was $4100 I did have 2 other bids this was in the middle and included everything witch I thought was a fair price. I just got last months bill which was one of the worst months we have had I only used 84 gallons of propane, a savings of $131 a month at today’s fuel price. I should see a pay back in 5 to 6 years.”
Jim – North Hampton, NH


“December gas was $175, our January gas bill was only $234, far lower than the year before…..and Jan. was one of the coldest ones so far for us. Just got Feb.’s bill last night and it was $251- still very reasonable and much better than before. Previously, before the foam insulation, we were running $295 through the coldest months last winter and last winter was not as cold and nowhere near as snowy and windy so you can see the results after your work!!!”
Steve Reiss


“I had MJW Drywall & Insulation spray insulation in my attick.  The guys are very professional, they showed up on time, and did fantastic work. I highly recommend them to all my friends and family.”
Jenny and Joel – North Wood, NH

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