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Up to 60% of your heating energy could be wasted by uncontrolled air leakage and deficient insulation

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“MJW Dry Wall spray foamed my attic in 2009 when I was using 600+ gallons of Oil per year.  A year later, my oil consumption has reduced to 249 gallons of oil.  With fuel prices going up, this new insulation will help me to reduce and manage my energy costs for years to come.”
– Mike Banks, Salem, NH

“I had MJW Drywall & Insulation spray insulation in the attic of my home.  The guys are very professional, they showed up on time, and did fantastic work. I highly recommend them to all my friends and family.”
–  Jenny and Joel – North Wood, NH

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Home Energy Needs

As a New England resident your highest bill is likely your heating bill. Did you know that up to 60% of your heating energy could be wasted by uncontrolled air leakage and deficient insulation? That’s a lot of energy and money. Why not save money, energy and the environment with a green insulation technology? Your hard earned money could be seeping out through your attic, crawlspace, walls, or even through the cracks around your windows and you don’t even know it. As energy costs keep going up it is becoming more of a challenge to heat your home.


By having a company like MJW Drywall And Injection Foam perform an energy audit on your home you become eligible for state and federal energy tax credits once you retrofit your home. MJW uses thermal imaging to find the spots where you are losing the most energy. call to get more information about injection foam, energy tax credits or any of our other services available to New England residents. We also do work in Maine and Massachusetts on a case by case basis. Call us at (603) 601-6283 to find out if we can help you out.


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